Refugee notes: The place where I am from

Honestly I didn’t know how to start writing it. I spent lots of hours doing everything (or nothing) but not writing. Every time I sit to write there are a thousand small things to do before: check my email, reply to messages, drink tea (very important!!๐Ÿ˜„). I think it’s my anxiety and fear of opening…More


Angelina Jolie and Lviv

Few days ago a famous American actress visited one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine to support people in their situation. It was really surprisingly and unexpected. Ukrainian News shows gratitude to her while Russian ones accuse her of duplicity and hypocrisy. However, this event is better known for the memes that accompany the…More

Russian propaganda

As you know Russian news are full of propaganda nowadays. And it’s not surprising because this is a step to unite the nation against a common enemy. Even if that enemy is fictional. Even if he is not outside, but inside the country. But some of this news are very absurd. Few days ago several…More

Refugee notes: who am I?

I always wanted to travel a lot. To visit different countries, learn from other cultures and exploring the world. So dreams come true ladies and gentlemen. I did want it too badly so now I’m here. Abroad, lonely, depressed and frustrated. My life has changed 24 of February 2022 and it won’t be the same…More