Pros of the UK:

I’ve been living in the UK for 8 months now, 3 of which I am in an asylum seeker status.As a foreigner, I was prepared for the possibility that I might have a culture shock. But considering that this is a European country, I thought that everything would be quite understandable. And in general, it…More


refugeenotes: what changed in me during the war.

War is destruction, death, hatred and pain. And there’s no excuse for that. But in addition to influencing the politics, economy, trade of the whole world, it, unfortunately, also affects individual peoples, families, destinies. Including mine.Probably in the future all these events will be told in the dry language of history, but now it doesn’t…More

About time fleeting

Have you ever noticed that time is unstable? Remember how it seemed long and endless for us in childhood? It felt like time didn’t pass by. Each holiday lasted forever, as did each sudden street conversation of adults. You hung around and thought there was nothing in the world but your city, your granny, her…More

My indignation!

I want to share my thoughts over some Slavic refugees. I belong to this culture and I feel responsible for how other nations see us. I won’t be talking about the general mass of our people who actually suffer deprivation and are ready to do a lot to ensure themselves and their families a worthy…More

Refugee notes: am I Russian or Ukrainian

Let’s start from the beginning. My parents were born in Soviet Union, after 1991 they had Ukrainian passports and after 2014 they have Russian citizenship. Thus when I talk to Russians, they call me Russian, and Ukrainians call me Ukrainian.But when people ask me this question here, they don’t wait for my answer and decide…More

Is it hard to make friends in a new country?

Yes, it is! I don’t want to lie to you by saying that everything will be easy and you will find your comrades on the same day that you land in a new place. I’m sure the world is full of cool people who are willing to help and be there when needed. But not…More

Refugee notes: How I ended up in Northern Ireland

As you know, I am from Crimea. And this means that my main documents could hypothetically be either a passport of Ukraine or a passport of Russia. But in any of these cases, to get into the UK, I needed a visa. However, the UK government is strict about issuing visas and for me to…More

Eurovision: politics or music?

On 10 of May in Italy began the international music contest called Eurovision. I know a lot of people who watch this show with interest, cheer for their country, vote. To be honest, I’ve never watched Eurovision, but I always know what’s happening there from my friends. Last years the event was for fun and…More

Important day

Today is important day for all post-Soviet space. I’m not sure if this day is the same popular here in NI as in my home land but I think lots of people know about it even if they don’t celebrate this holiday. Try to guess what holiday is it today? Yes, today is a Victory…More