Refugeenotes: how I found my first place to live in Belfast.

So, my plans have changed. I walked out of the Home office with my luggage in the middle of the day and started looking for a place to stay soon.I didn’t have many options. I did not know anyone, I did not have enough money to rent a room (everywhere they asked for a large deposit and a contract of at least 3 months), hotels were expensive. And the only suitable option for me was a hostel.

It was a cheap room for four (men and women together), but in a nice neighborhood, almost downtown. Unfortunately, the prices for hostels are not stable and on weekends the price rose three to four times.

Hostel room, but this picture looks better than reality

Like I said in my previous articles, it was one of the hardest periods of my life. Therefore, even though the hostel is not the best place to live, it helped me at that time. Because this is a place where there are always a lot of people and it is impossible to be alone with yourself and your thoughts, and this is what I needed then. By the way, I still keep in touch with some guests of that hostel.

Since the conditions were not the most suitable for me, I continued to look for more comfortable housing for myself. But I’m still grateful to that place for forcing me to socialize.

Do you remember your first independent housing?



  1. margaret21 says:

    A tough start to independence, but it had its upsides. Phew!

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  2. elsabeskryf says:

    I hope the most ideal space awaits around the corner. Keep looking, but in the meantime, keep living and making friends. Your attitude is commendable.

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    1. Sofia says:

      Thank you ☺️
      But I already have a relatively stable home, I describe the one that came before. I want to tell a little bit more about each of them ☺️

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  3. rajkkhoja says:

    So good discussion you share. Nice you change your plan.

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