Angelina Jolie and Lviv

Few days ago a famous American actress visited one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine to support people in their situation. It was really surprisingly and unexpected. Ukrainian News shows gratitude to her while Russian ones accuse her of duplicity and hypocrisy. However, this event is better known for the memes that accompany the entire journey of the actress. Take a look, maybe you will find them funny too

Zelenskyy and Biden meme
Jolie in lviv cafe meme

The meme with the schoolboy has become a very popular symbol of how often we do not notice opportunities, although they are nearby 🙈

Be careful and then no opportunity will pass you by!


  1. equinoxio21 says:

    The boy must now know he was a few feet away from Angelina and did not notice… LOL.

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    1. Sofia says:

      Yes, he said later that he just didn’t recognize the actress 😄

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      1. equinoxio21 says:

        Haha! Angelina Jolie is probably way before his time… Try to enjoy your week-end.

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  2. Orca Flotta says:

    Best part of her visit was when they triggered the fake alarm and panic broke out. Finest Hollywood drama.

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    1. Sofia says:

      Yes, maybe (!) that one air alert was fake. But in general, it was an example of how Ukrainians really live and what they face every day.

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      1. Orca Flotta says:

        You are not there, Sofia. Neither am I. But judging by all I hear and by the videos there isn’t really anything too badly going on. The Russians are trying their best to keep the civilian population out of any combat situation and are only targetting military buildings and units. It is the ukro forces which are using civilians as shields.

        Gonzalo Lira (Chilenean American with an Ukrainian wife) uploads videos daily, from his home in, I guess Kharkiv:

        He was already arrested by the SBU and reappeared after 6 days. I guess they didn’t dare killing him, since his channel is well-known.

        If anybody in Ukraine was bombarded and shelled, it was the poor people in Donbas … since 2014.

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      2. Sofia says:

        If attacking another independent state and destroying cities and millions of innocent lives isn’t “too badly” for you, then we definitely look at the world differently.


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