Refugeenotes: Inside the Home Office.

It was after I finally found myself in the Home Office that my story of being in the UK as a asylum seeker began.I came there with all my belongings, which were taken from me at the entrance for inspection.I was also searched, after which they gave me a paper to write down my name.…More

My anxiety

When I first moved to Belfast and realized that I’ll be living here for some time, I urgently began to look for different activities. I was very afraid of falling into the stage when you don’t want to go anywhere, to do anything, but just hide from the world in the bed (because it was…More

Refugeenotes: how to find the Home Office.

So, I made the decision to apply for refugee status. And, it would seem, the heaviest is already behind, but no. It turned out that being in the country I did not know where to go with my request. I lived in a small village called Moy and visited the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast,…More

Can I write about it?

You know that my blog now carries a certain topic โ€“ it is about the process of obtaining refugee status in the UK and all the emotional difficulties on the way to this. Yes, I write not only about this, but in general this is the main line of my articles.It’s both a big plus…More

Refugeenotes: steps for becoming a refugee.

Refugee status is an official status that allows a person to legally stay in the country and later apply for citizenship. However, it is quite difficult to get this status. You need to prove that you can be in real danger in your country and you can not return there. The process of obtaining this…More

Why is it hard to be good friends with locals ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง:

In a recent post, I wrote few tips about how to make friends in another country. And I still personally put them into practice.I already have a good social circle in Belfast and some people, I hope, will be my good friends in the future. But between all my new acquaintances there is one pattern…More

refugeenotes: how I decided to become an asylum seeker.

As you already know, I arrived in Northern Ireland in November 2021, before the war in Ukraine began. I arrived in the country legally, on a 6 months work visa and planned to fly home after the end of the contract. But life has made its own adjustments. I worked in a place where the…More

Cons of the UK:

In one of the previous articles, I talked about the Pros of the UK. Yes, it’s great that everyone in this country is socially protected, but at the same time lots of people don’t use these possibilities. I see in Northern Ireland a huge number of homeless people sleeping on the streets. They sleep on…More

Refugeenotes: what hasn’t changed in me during the war

I believe that it’s interesting to develop and change yourself. And often inner changes affect our lives as a whole. But not everything can be changed, some character traits, habits, features remain with us for a long time or forever. I have already written about what has changed in me during my stay in Northern…More

Pros of the UK:

I’ve been living in the UK for 8 months now, 3 of which I am in an asylum seeker status.As a foreigner, I was prepared for the possibility that I might have a culture shock. But considering that this is a European country, I thought that everything would be quite understandable. And in general, it…More